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With the fate of the polar bear, climate change has a face. Images of struggling polar bears were seen around the world. The main reason is the increase in temperature due to climate change in the Arctic. This will reduce the sea ice and the hunting opportunities for polar bears, for example, to remove seals. To talk about the protection of polar bears, who now for the first time in 28 years all five countries bordering the Arctic set about this issue to the table. Representatives from Norway, the USA, Canada, Russia and Greenland belong to Denmark will advise to Thursday in the northern Norwegian town of Tromsoe on ways to secure the survival of the polar bear in times of climate change.

The last international protection agreement was signed in 1973 and largely banned the hunting of polar bears, which at that time represented the greatest threat. The stock then recovered visibly – in 1973 the stock was estimated at 5,000 animals, today starts from about 25 000 copies, of which 60 percent live in the Canadian Arctic region. Reliable figures are not there, because the animals are solitary and scattered over a large area to live. In addition, the habitat of the animals is not easily accessible, so from places such as Russia, Eastern Arctic and Greenland are no reliable observations.

The real danger represents the melting ice floes Polar bears use as a base for hunting seals. Is the Arctic Ocean ice-free some time now, the little polar bear hunt seals on which they depend as prey. This would be especially problematic for females, which reproduce themselves no longer, if they fall below a certain weight. That this risk is real, figures show two well-studied areas. One is the Hudson Bay in Canada, the other north of the Beaufort Sea of ​​Alaska. In both, says conservation expert Volker Holmes by WWF, the polar bear population has declined by up to 20 percent. For both areas is evidence that the ice drastically zurückgehe.Es come later and go earlier. This time the hunting of polar bears shorten dramatically.

However, that polar bears really run the risk of drowning because melting ice is questionable. Polar bears are able to swim without stopping 100 kilometers and more. There have been discovered in recent years, some drowned animals, but if there really are more than ever, is unclear.

What is certain is that the habitat of the polar bear has changed due to climate change and that the requirements for the protection of polar bears are different than they were at the last Conference of the States 28 years ago. WWF hopes that the participating States agree on a common action plan to save the polar bears. This should include especially effective control of the hunting ban. It also calls for the designation of protected areas WWF to save the polar bears retreat. The production of oil and other commodities, should be regulated so that they do not go at the expense of the polar bear. Since the last conference now a generation had passed, we must act now, because the polar bear is not much time remains.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t speak German so I can’t read most of your posts, but like you I am concerned about climate cahnge and the fate of the polar bear.

    13. Dezember 2012 um 20:23

  2. Thankyou for visiting my blog I wish I had manage to learn German at school but I failed miserably i wish you every success and once again danke

    15. Dezember 2012 um 00:58

  3. Thank you for following my blog… 🙂 Though I’m totally zero in understanding your language, I would very much interested in knowing more about the future of the polar bear. Your information on it has made me understand how it is now threatened by the climate change. I really hope something could be done to help them.

    And I also hope you could include a translation for very new post, if possible so we can share the same knowledge and understanding.. 🙂

    Nice to meet you, friend 🙂

    ~ with bunch of love
    Super G

    16. Dezember 2012 um 14:48

  4. nice Blog *__*

    17. Dezember 2012 um 20:00

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